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  Job title:
Personnel Administration (test)
  Basic requirements:
  Education:Undergraduate course Sex:Female
  Position Type:Full time Salary:Personnel Department
  Work place:Fuding Profession:Human Resources
  Work experience:2 years Age:25
  Description of job:
  Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for recruitment, appointment of candidates, reception and interview;

2, employee entry formalities, sign, renew and manage employee labor contracts;

3, the establishment and management of internal staff files;

4, responsible for coordination with other departments, good upload issued information;

5, responsible for the company's various departments administration and logistics related work;

6, is responsible for the performance appraisal and salary accounting;

7, responsible for some of the daily administrative affairs department, do a good job with the higher administrative personnel matters;

8, responsible for developing, monitoring and implementing corporate governance rules and regulations, administrative personnel management system and workflow, performance appraisal system;

9, responsible for organizing the building of enterprise culture, including corporate-wide celebrations, the annual meeting arrangements, business organizations, sports activities arrangements;

10, to assist the development of the higher specification job responsibilities of various departments, and supervise the implementation after approval;

Job requirements:
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